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Connect to a community of loving people who care about each other and the Earth --

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New Culture Summer Camp – Central Oregon

Friday August 17 - Sunday August 26, 2012

Schedule of Events

Program Descriptions

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New Culture Summer Camp isn’t quite like anything else.

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What is New Culture all about?

- intimacy building - sacred touch

- sustainable culture - living in the moment

- effective activism - community building

- communication & relationship skills



- creating deep friendships - loving "what is"

- personal transformation - social change

- intensive workshops - hugs & cuddle piles

- dance and celebration - silliness & fun!


At New Culture Summer Camp, we invite top-notch presenters, and live, work, learn and play together for 10 days or more.

Every day we have powerful experiential events and workshops. Many of these events and workshops would cost $500 or more each for just a day or two; Summer Camp offers 10 days of these transformative experiences for the same cost, with meals and camping fees included! Click here for the schedule of events and the program descriptions.



New Culture Summer Camp takes place in a beautiful community setting with meadows, creek, pond, and hiking trails, about half an hour southeast of Eugene, Oregon. Most people camp, and there are dormitories for those who want indoor space.

Rates for all meals, events, and camping fees at our clothing-optional event are $550-$995; please pay as you can afford. Indoor beds are available at additional cost. If you can’t afford even these prices, please contact us; if you want to come, we´ll work out a way for you to be there!

Children are welcome, too!

To create a New Culture, we need to include humans in all their diversity, including our smallest members as well. We offer a co-op children´s program for the young (and young at heart!). Please contact us right away if you and your children are interested in participating.

Extend Your Summer Camp Experience: Pre-Camp And Post-Camp

Every year we offer two opportunities for extending your New Culture Summer Camp experience:

Pre-Camp, Tuesday 8/14 to Friday 8/17

Post-Camp, Sunday 8/26 to Wednesday 8/29

Join us as we build our community energy and create the community's infrastructure; stay with us to release the energy that we created and restore the site. We have two three-hour "work"-shop periods each day, plus play time in the afternoons and intimacy/community-building activities in the evenings, building New Culture through shared work and celebration.

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Intimate community without the limits of geography!

Network for a New Culture ( is an all-volunteer, grassroots network; the Summer Camp is the heart of NFNC. For 18 years, Summer Camp and New Culture have grown to include more time, more places, and more people. Smaller gatherings now happen every few weeks, scattered around the country: Seattle, Oregon, the SF Bay Area, San Diego, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, Boston, Hawaii, and more. Group houses and intentional communities have formed in many places that incorporate New Culture values and insights.

New Culture Summer Camp Central Oregon is being produced by the team that has been creating New Culture Summer Camp East ( for 9 years, along with west coast co-creators.

Can’t make it to the West Coast? Busy in August?

Meet us in West Virginia!

Summer Camp East 2012: Fri. July 13 - Sun. July 22

For more information on this and other New Culture events and activities, contact us at:

Summer Camp Central Oregon 2012   


PO Box 7651





Arlington, VA









or visit us on the web:,,

What previous campers have had to say about other New Culture Summer Camps:

"Keep doing what you are doing, This was an incredible experience; one of the most powerful in my life. Thank you." -- Marc L.

"I´m immensely pleased that from the very beginning, the women knew and lived the truth that we women are the foundation and cohesiveness of the community." - Shana

"I appreciate how welcome my children and I felt as a family. It is inspiring to me to see children lovingly integrated into the community of the New Culture!" -- Thea Tupelo

"Am I glad I came to Summer Camp? More glad than I am about anything else I´ve ever decided to do." - Leonard

"I'm doing well coming back, I feel better able to serve in my world. I even avoided a fight with my sister! " Mary H.

"After SC I realize that many ways of "touching" can be quite powerful. Eye contact, massage, or simply consciously looking at someone, or sitting somewhere with them, or holding hands, can be more powerful than I had previously realized, and more effective than anything else at times. So there you go, another SC plus. :-)" Rodrigo B

"Ideas became practiced ways of being." -Kyther

"I had a very powerful experience at Summer Camp. I was able to get in touch with how magnificent I am and how magnificent all of you are, and to feel my love for all of you." Ted H.

"I too have been looking at all the things I need to give to myself that I look outside myself for. The old me had a hard time believing I could actually give myself all I needed. I still find places where I feel 'I could never do that' and then I notice how that is not true any more. Plenty of places to practice being a bigger person and living a bigger life." - Thia