Registration 2012  -- Now Open!

Please fill in the online registration form, and we will email you an invoice.  You will then mail the invoice and your check (made out to CFNC) to the address shown on the invoice.

Please be aware that all attendees of Summer Camp must pre-register - we do not take walk-in participants.  Payment in full is expected at the time of registration, unless you have made other arrangements with us. Should your circumstances change and prevent you from attending camp, if you inform us before camp starts that you will not be able to attend, we will refund your money less a small processing fee.

Since the online form takes you step by step, we have reprinted the information that comes up in the registration process below.  You may want to review this information before starting the registration process.

When you are ready, you can REGISTER NOW.



Our online registration is hosted at  You can find the registration form at

This form has six pages of questions:
Your Information
Children's Program
Indoor Accommodations
Lost Valley Residents' Information
Summer Camp Fees

Information about Pre-Camp (August 14-17) and Post-Camp (August 26-29) is given on the Co-Creation page.  If you have any questions or difficulties while filling out the form, please do not hesitate to contact us at or 800-763-8136!  The FAQ page at may also be helpful.

If you find that you cannot progress to the next page of the questionnaire, please review the registration form to make sure that you have given an answer for all mandatory questions. (Questions marked by an asterisk (*) are mandatory. )  Also, please make sure that you get to the "Thank you!" page at the end of the form - if you don't see that page, your registration has not been completed.  If you submit your registration and still do not see that page, review the registration form to make sure that you have given an answer for all mandatory questions.



Fees are on a sliding scale.  The low end of the scale represents our basic cost (without overhead or labor) while the top end is still lower than other comparable events.  Any money received above and beyond our basic cost will go towards a scholarship fund for lower income individuals and the improvement of this and future Summer Camps.  We ask you to pay as high on the scale as you can reasonably afford.

There are scholarship funds available for those truly in need.  If you want to be at camp, we want to have you here!  Contact us at and we'll work out a win/win.

Here is some additional information from our FAQ ( about the finances and organizational structure of this event.

I see that there is a sliding scale for camp. What should I pay?

We encourage you to pay as much for camp as you feel comfortable paying. Even the high end of the sliding scale is an excellent price for 10 days of meals and high-quality workshops. None of the organizers receive any money for putting on camp – all of the money goes back into making camp and other New Culture events happen, including providing scholarships for campers with financial need. Bottom line, we want you to feel good about the amount you contribute. We do have worksheets available to help think about this issue, if you would like!

I would like to contribute additional money to camp. Is it tax-deductible?

Yes. Camp is run by the Center for a New Culture, a non-profit corporation with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. If you would like to contribute to CFNC, please get in touch with us. You can also contribute items to our fundraiser auction, held at camp every year.

I can’t afford the low end of the sliding scale – is there scholarship or work exchange available?

Yes. We are committed to making camp financially accessible, and we have scholarship funds available.  Work exchange is available before pre-camp and after post-camp - the work is usually done in the Eugene, OR area, and can sometimes be done in your home area as well. We are also open to barter arrangements.  Please get in touch with us – if you want to be there, we want you to be there!

Who runs Summer Camp? Is it a business or what?

Camp is run by a group of camper volunteers. The “Scamps” (or Summer CAMP organizers) take responsibility for all aspects of camp, including the finances; the “Imps” (or IMPlementers) take responsibility for a specific part of camp, such as the Compassion Cadre. No one gets paid for organizing camp. All funds are held by the Center for a New Culture, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation with tax-exempt status, and are used to create camp and other New Culture events.

Why don’t you have work exchange at camp or at set-up and take-down?

We do not offer work exchange at camp, because we do not want to create a “second class” of campers who do not get to go to as many of the workshops and events. Similarly, we do not offer work exchange for camp set-up and take-down, because we want all the volunteers to be there because they want to be there, not because they feel obligated to be there. If you are available before pre-camp or after post-camp, we are open to work exchange arrangements at those times.



To create a New Culture, we need to include humans in all their diversity, including our smallest members as well. We offer a co-op children´s program for the young (and young at heart!). Please contact us right away at if you and your children are interested in participating, and please also fill out the information below.

Camp attendance for people under 18 is free! This incluces the co-op children's program, tenting, and all meals. Children below the age of 3 are welcome at camp but we cannot accommodate them in the children’s program. Teens may attend most of the adult programs if they choose, or alternative activities will be provided.

If you are a young person interested in attending camp, please ask your parent or guardian to contact us at


Every year we offer two opportunities for extending your New Culture Summer Camp experience:

Pre-Camp, Tuesday 8/14 to Friday 8/17; and
Post-Camp, Sunday 8/26 to Wednesday 8/29.

Join us as we build our community energy and create the community's infrastructure; stay with us to release the energy that we created and restore the site. We have two three-hour "work"-shop periods each day, plus play time in the afternoons and intimacy/community-building activities in the evenings, building New Culture through shared work and celebration.

We also welcome co-creation at camp, and we are looking for many types of co-creators!  If you are interested, please indicate the areas where you might enjoy taking leadership.



We have a limited number of dorm-style indoor sleeping accommodations available for an additional charge. (Tenting is included in the camp registration fee.) If you have special needs that necessitate an indoor space but cannot afford the additional cost, please contact us ASAP at

There are two dormitories onsite, with electricity and running water. The rooms that are available for our use have two single beds per room.  You may rent one or both beds in the room; if you rent both beds, you are welcome to push them together to create a larger bed space!

Single bed in a room with two beds:  $175
Both beds in a room with two beds:  $350

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions about the lodging options.


At the end of the registration form, you’ll be asked to add up your registration fee plus any other fees (Pre- and Post-Camp, Children's Program, Indoor Accommodations) and enter the total.  We will send you an invoice with payment instructions.   Note that your registration is not complete until payment is received.  If payment in full is a hardship for any reason, please contact us at and we will work out a payment plan.


A confirmation packet, including contact information, emergency phone numbers, map with directions, and any last-minute news will be emailed to all registrants on or before August 3.  We will also provide information and costs for shuttles between the closest airports (Eugene and Portland, OR), bus and rail stations, and the camp. 

Updates and new information about camp will be posted at our website,, and our Facebook page, .  Feel free to post about carpools on the Facebook page!

We look forward to seeing you at camp!


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